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Need info about revisions

Hello Fiverr forum users!
If buyer requests for a revision, I will get more time to complete the order, or I will have to do all the revisions in the time limit, which the buyer can find in the ordered package?

I’m looking for an explanation about how does the revision works here in Fiverr.
Thanks for your responses!

Revisions doesn’t affect your “delivered on time” ratio. So you can take your time but the sooner you deliver it the better.

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Who Said You Revision not Effect On Delivery Time ?

Revision Rules

And why did you attach that link? It has nothing to do with revisions and delivered on time ratio.

My 1000+ orders said that.
But I’ll repeat it again: revisions doesn’t affect your delivered on time ration. Only the first “delivery” is taken into account.


Revisions doesn’t affect on your delivery time

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So I understood that the first time I deliver completed gig it counts as a “delivered on time”, and additional revisions wouldn’t count as a delivery time. All the revisions will be only my, as a seller, and buyer business.
Am I right?

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Yes, that’s right. You will see a “late” sign in red letters but you can ignore it. What counts is if you delivered on time the first time.

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Thank you guys for all the replies it helped me.
Have a good day! :grin:

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