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Need information about an account

Hello everyone,
can we connect one same bank account with two different fiver accounts?
if anyone has an idea about this. please share.

have a nice day1


i dont think so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ok. thanks a lot for help:slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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It is against the rules of Fiverr to have more than one account. If these “two different Fiverr accounts” are both managed by you, please delete one of them immediately. You may only have one account.

Only if you want both Fiverr accounts to be permanently banned.

You don’t need an idea, you just need to read the Terms of Service (you have agreed to them when creating your account):


i have only one account. i just asked this for information because my friend and both are new here

And you want “your friend’s” profits to go into YOUR account? That is highly suspicious. Why can’t “your friend” connect his/her Fiverr account to his/her own bank account or funding source?

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No! you are considering it in the wrong way. No one allows this.
I think fiver community is here to solve the emerging question asked by the user. Then why you are creating a wrong sense.
Do read the title. need information.

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I did, and I – and others – have responded appropriately.

Your request is highly suspicious, and we are cautioning you not to go down that road. “Your friend” should connect his/her own Fiverr account to his/her own bank account or funding source. Fiverr does not allow a bank account (or funding source) to be connected to multiple different Fiverr accounts.

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yes that is the way to simply ans… well thanks for guiding.

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Why you want to connect two more different fiverr account to same bank!! That’s indicate, you have 2 more fiverr account. Which is clear VIOLATION OF FIVERR RULES.

If that accounts are someone else. Then why they will allow you to withdraw their money in your BANK!! Very relevance point.


I understand that you just want to know because i think that may be your friend does not have any bank account that why he or she just want you to help him or her so that you just get thier money to your account and give them personally


yes actually we were sitting discussing about fiver and suddenly she asked this and i upload this to fiver.

What if one account is disabled? Can a new account will use that same source for funds?

If you’ve been given permission by Fiverr, they may be able to transfer your old payment source to your new account. If you haven’t been given permission to open a new account, doing that’ll get you banned within 24 hours.

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