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Need information about payoneer atm card

I create my payoneer account but could not receive atm card so is this possible to transfer my balance from fiverr to payoneer with out atm card
Thank you

Definitely you transfer your revenue. In according to payoneer policy you need at least 100$ to get your payoneer MasterCard.

but in my account they show that if you have 30$ you should apply for master card
but is this possible to transfer my fiverr balance to payoneer and then from payoneer transfer it to my local bank account and then withdraw it

It’s depressing on your country. So that sounds good. For my country need 100$ in payoneer account.

So you can transfer your revenue without any problem.

And one more thing, if you don’t transfer your revenue how can you get your payoneer MasterCard.

Without a minimum of $30 you can’t request for the card, you need to withdraw your funds using bank transfer option on fiver to payorrnerr.

After that, you can now use a valid mail address to request for the card.

this will be depressing in your country not in my country
here you can get master card when you have 30$ in your payoneer account

I think you missed understand my words. Let me explain, When you order a payoneer MasterCard you must received 100$ revenue in your payoneer account.

Please login to your payoneer account then go-to (order a card) option. Now you see what’s required for get a payoneer MasterCard. Hope you understand what I’m saying.

And one more thing, you talking about the sign up bonus I’m not talking about the. I’m talking about what’s required to get a payoneer MasterCard.

when i go to (order a card) with out 30$ in your account you can not order master card

okay i will do it but with out atm card can i withdraw from payoneer to my local account bank account