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Need information about placing an order

Hello… We’re new here(only first month), so we’re interested when we are busy and someone places an order without writing on pm(we’ve written all our GIG that they must contact before ordering). I know that every order which is placed by customers, first we must be checked and if every requirement attached, only after this will starting an order. So, our question is that, if somebody places an order and we’ve not to time for this new order, if we will cancel it(BEFORE STARTING), will this impact our account?! Hope, we’ve written everything understandable. Thank you

If you cancel Order that will reduce Order Completion rate.

Thanks for unswer. So, what we can to do in this case? For exmaple, if buyer will cancel it?

If a buyer place an order to your gig and fill all the requirements then you will not get any option to start the order or pause . The order will start automatically . And if you/buyer/cs cancel the order then that will affect your order completion rate.

Great unswer, thank you. So, how I can avoid this situation? I mean placeing order without writing on PM?

You can ask the buyer to increase the duration of completing the order.

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You can not avoid it . And if you are busy to work and do not want more orders then you can set limit of order on your gig or can pause your gig .There is also option "Out Of Office ".You can also use that…

Good idea, Thank you

Yes, we know about this, but we know this will impact our gigs impressions, thats why we have asked this question

Buyer can place order when they want . You are selling service and they can buy That any time … If you face any problem with the order time period then you can ask the buyer to increase the delivery time .

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They can increase from order details, or must write support?

You can see resolution center on the order page . You will get the option .You have to send delivery time extend request to the buyer .If the buyer accept your request then the delivery time will increase

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