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Need information for portfolio sharing

Hello everyone. :slight_smile: Can i share my flickr portfolio short link in Buyer Request or in my gig description? Because original portfolio link has an @ sign in it. That’s why it shows red.
Thanks. :slight_smile:



Yes, you can mention the link to your Flickr portfolio in your gig description. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to post the link to your Flickr portfolio in buyer request offers, you can direct your prospective buyers to your gig description where they can see the link to your Flickr portfolio

Here’s a list of permitted links on Fiverr:


Do a search for ‘Create your own personalized Flickr URL’ - that way you’ll be able to choose your own URL and get rid of the @ sign so you’ll be able to share it in your gig description without an error message. :slightly_smiling_face: