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Need Information

What type of services are very famous on fiverr?

Have a look around there are tons of very successful sellers out there.

These are…

Graphics & Design
Digital Marketing
Writing & Translation
Video & Animation
Music & Audio
Programming & Tech
Fun & Bizarre

I do not think online work is for you if your first question is this one. Just a hunch.

Graphic designing and photoshop! The gigs i offer are the most common yet highly paid on here.

I think it is a bit of common sense here, digital deliveries are the most common, ard and design work, audio and video editing and programming.
However - I am in a completely different field, spirituality, and it is OK - but of course it could always be better, this just compliments my in life activities on the same field.

All in all - offer where you are any expert at, and you will be successful! Offer something you have no expertise in or passion for and you will not thrive!