Need limited for top rated


Hi, (Empty level and level one and level two seller).

We know that fiverr is allow 3 level such as level one, level two and top rated.I saw that a lot job waiting for top rate seller but they do not delivery in timely. But another levels are not get more job .I suggest to top rated seller that you need to on “order limit” option.If they do it then Empty level, Level one and level two seller can get more job.

Who are agree with me ?



If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re suggesting that top rated sellers should have a limit to the number of orders they can receive, so that lower level sellers could benefit?

I think that would be very unpopular and very unfair - if we take it forward a bit, why not say that each seller is limited to x amount of orders a day/week etc.?

Impractical and very unfair.


This is a ridiculous suggestion.
It’s up to lower level sellers to give buyers the incentive to buy from them.
It’s not up to higher level sellers to give orders to other sellers. This isn’t a charity.


Crap idea.


Sounds like part of your brain might have just fallen out and splattered across the greasy floor of other people’s misplaced egos.

Here’s an idea: Why not start selling lemonade on the corner from your local Seven Eleven and ask the owners of said Seven Eleven if they will stop selling their own lemonade at midday every day to help you out?


This idea is like mine of asking a rich person to make me rich. My target just has to become poor gifting me all his/her/its money. It sounds like a flawless plan, doesn’t it?! :smiley:


The ability to limit orders is up to the seller. It would be a form of dictatorship if the site MADE the seller limit their own orders.

Top Rated Sellers can make their own decisions; if they want to take on too many orders and ruin their business, that’s fine.


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