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Need Little Help From You Guys


Guys hope you are all are fine and doing Great. The Problem I am Facing on fiverr is that I didn’t,t get any clicks and views from last so many weeks So Please can anyone help me with this. Please see my gigs and tell me my Mistakes. Thanks in Advance.


Please promote your gigs via social media platform or Chose any SEO worker


I am Promoting on Facebook But I Can,t see any response.


you can create a campaign on google adwords


I saw your gigs you are successful on fiverr. can you Please tell me my mistakes in description or what you think am doing wrong.


I think you’d better read the Fiverr TOS. In the third section, under Sellers > Basics, it clearly states:

“Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.”

Please be aware of the rules before you give advice.


Thanks for updating. so what yuo think about my gigs are Am set alright