Need logos and sites designed for outdoor themed web sites


Hey Fiverrs!..

Like the title says, I need a few killer logos and a few very simple web sites designed/built for outdoor themed web sites.

I own: - - -

My concern is, how do I know if the designer I pick is not only a decent designer and/or builder, but a designer who understands a good outdoor theme? I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time, nor my own time. Is there somewhere on Fiverr that I can simply post what I’m looking for and then have the designers who are capable of the task simply approach me?

Thanks in advance, JaxLen3


Well, if approaching you is of interest, then, here I am… approaching you. I’m a professional logo artist (with a 4-year degree in art). I am available if you need a good logo designer, although, I do not presently have any services for building the websites themselves – just the logo design.

Feel free to click my name if you would like to investigate my claims (and skills) as an artist. Perhaps other skilled artists will present themselves here as well for you to shop and compare. :wink:



Thanks for approaching me. I am going to review your profile/work. Hopefully, you have done some work for outdoor themed businesses. If not, no big deal. I just feel like if someone is familiar with the outdoor realm, they’d be more inclined to grasp the task better. For your sake rather than mine, unfortunately, no other “skilled artists” have commented or rose to the challenge thus far…

That being said, and without seeing your work yet before replying to your comment jonbass, I hope others who are willing and able to attempt any portion of the task I mentioned above, still do approach me. I’m not specifically looking for the one stop shop web designer/graphic artist. It would be nice… Rather, I was simply requesting the help of people who know the outdoor realm and are comfortable with what they are capable of regarding their experience with it, and therefore are a good fit for my projects.

Heck, let’s be honest. The domains I mentioned above could possibly turn into some pretty high traffic sites, and generate quite a bit of exposure for the right person or persons for the job. I’d gladly consider allowing the designers to link to, or advertise using, my domains. After all, “one hand washes the other”.

My projects are in the start up mode, and Fiverr is the perfect venue to locate a designer with my start up budget. We can grow together. If you happen to know of anyone who may be a fit for me, please pass this invitation along to them.

Thanks, JaxLen3


Hi JaxLen3, I may be able to assist you in one way or another. I am an experience website consultant. I can assist in designing or formatting your sites. I have a team of professionals that may also be able to assist. Let me know exactly what you are looking for an I will do what I can to help out. :slight_smile: