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Need lot of experience from here

I am new in fiverr ,I badly need your help for get order…


@sumi28 Welcome to Fiverr Forum. send Buyer request every day, start GIG marketing, Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. hope your Success


Welcome to the community.
share your gig on social media and check your buyer request regularly.

hi sumi welcome to forum
i am also trying to get my first order hope you will get order soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to fiverr forum.My personal suggest you are regular send buyer request after then regular gig marking on social media.Insha’Allah I think shine your life.

Welcome to fiverr, if you spend quality time here you be get experience @sumi28

Welcome to Fiverr.
My suggestion, your tags, and gig description are essential. The samples attached to your Gig are likewise.
You could send hundreds of offers using buyers’ requests, and nobody will hire you. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoe; who would you instead hire? Someone with a proven record or a newbie? And also when sending requests, offer what you think few will: reduced price offer, quick turn around and some extras.

Welcome Sumi! Start creating your gigs and blast buyers’ requests. And if you can promote your gig, you’re at a greater advantage! Good luck!

Welcome Sumi!! Follow FIVERR TC …

Welcome to Fiverr! Have you read all ToS?

Thanks all of you for help me.