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Need marketing tips, or tricks

It’s been a whole month without any orders, I barely get any traffic (190 Impressions, 19 Clicks) in 1 month.

I’ve been marketing on twitter, and facebook everyday now.
Is there something I don’t know about or I’m missing. I have one the best deals against my competitors.

(Free 3d Mockup, Free Vector Files, Unlimited Revisions) and the whole package is just 10$
(Not advertising)

Anwyays if you wanna take a look, here it is:
It would mean the world to me if you could help me out and reply some marketing tips, it’s been a whole month without an order and I’ve spent alot of hours on fiverr perfecting my gig.

Since you are starting now, I would suggest starting your prices as low as possible - I see competing gigs at $5 so half the price. As you are starting now, the most important thing is building up a portfolio and getting some buyer reviews. Be patient and more will come as time goes by! All the best!!