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Need minor adjustment to business card now!( just need to change first name)

Business card is ready to go but I want to change the first name from Tommy to Lisa with the same font NEED NOW!

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Perhaps you can find someone who offers business card design work in the appropriate seller category? Or, perhaps you could post a Buyer Request and invite sellers to respond.

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I can help you, please inbox me

Hi there , you are looking for a simple job , if you would kindly drop your order so I can get started .thanks.:blush: Happy to help​:blush:.
About pricing and time duration will be done for a minimum price. will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

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Contact me on
I will edit your business card in 2 hours

You should post on buyer requests and you will get offers from sellers. You can also find many business card designers under graphics gig category

Hope this helps!

Others are giving you good advice to look for a seller from the search page or use buyer requests. This post was moved to the ad area earlier, though, so there is no problem if people want to make a pitch - just be aware these may or may not be great offers.

I will Help you Free of Cost…Come Inbox with your Business card

I can help you. please trust me…