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Need modification in gig

Hi Everyone

I have been on Fiverr since last month. But I didn’t receive any order yet. Below is the link to my Fiverr gig

Please review it and tell me if it requires modification.


Welcome to the forum.

I like your gig picture. I think it’s eye-catching. Your description needs work, though. It contains quite a few grammatical and orthographic errors.

can you please point out errors so that I can easily improve gigs.

I’ll point out a few errors. Unfortunately, I can’t point out all of them, as it’d be unethical. Buyers will read your description wanting to see your skills, not mine.

If you have a blog or website?

Provide me a Topic and Focus keywords

? then you


The free version of Grammarly should help you out. In your description you say you have an account.

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Thank you so much for concern and help. I will definitely work on it.


Wait and see it will come @khadijanafees

InshAllah it will come. Hoping for the best. Please see my gig if there’s any error