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Need more closure to this matter

I just saw a video on YouTube about Fiverr shutting people account.

Fiverr shuts down someone’s account but keeps the money, is it true ?

Video name : Fiverr stole my money (scam)

No, it’s not true. If Fiverr closes an account it is due to user misbehavior/ breaking ToS. If they can prove they did still earn the funds with their real identity, they can withdraw after a 45 day waiting period. If the funds aren’t given to the seller, Fiverr does not keep money that isn’t theirs. The funds are returned to the buyer.

Sellers get angry when they are caught doing something wrong. They often rant that Fiverr stole their money and they will not listen to the truth.

Alright, but did you watch the video ? Is it a reason to close her account ?

Probably scamming or something. Fiverr gives the money back after a 45 day period if they fulfill the points as fonthaunt pointed out. Nobody needs to watch a video to know this, as its in the TOS.

If you’re worried it might happen to you, stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing that makes you feel it might happen to you. Refresh yourself with a look at the TOS for a start.

Nobody except angry people/scared people is going to watch a tedious video calling Fiverr a scam.

I ain’t worried at all and if I wanted to do something that might put me in trouble, I wouldn’t probably waste my time doing it on Fiverr, you feel me ? It was just a question, a question only. If you are not happy about my post, just don’t answer… People with good ethics don’t need to read the ToS… I don’t need to refresh myself. Cheers !

Hello, reading the ToS has nothing to do with your ethics. It explains how buying and selling on Fiverr works, it is not a moral science document.

Just my observation…I have noticed a lot of people snapping at @emmaki for no good reason, even when she says something reasonable.

If Fiverr does steal money, they’ve had ample opportunity with me. One time I let my money accumulate as high as $1,500. Usually, I’m pulling out at the end of each month on average $400-$450.

Personally, though, there’s no reason FOR Fiverr to steal money. For people who actually make enough money that would be worth the risk of stealing, it’s better to let those people continue to work.

Why? Mathematics. Fiverr makes 20% of what you get paid. For every $1,000 you’ve made, they’ve made $200. If they stole that $1,000 from you then and there, boom. They made a profit of $1,000 and you go somewhere else and don’t trust Fiverr anymore. If they don’t steal from you, and you consistently make $1,000 a month (unlikely, but for this, we’ll go that high) that means they get $1,000 from you every five months. Within a years time, they’ve made double what they could have made just stealing from you.

So, yea. It’s not worth Fiverr to steal from people, especially since they’ll make more money with people who will do the work and they get their cut.

I’ve never had one cent stolen by fiverr in the 3.5 years I’ve been here. Fiverr closes people’s accounts if they violate the terms of service and they then give them their money after 45 days unless the money was earned in a dishonest way.

Fiver has about 50 million dollars in investor’s money, more than they know how to spend. They don’t need a few hundred here and there from sellers.

Why waste time on a video like that? We hear about some seller once a month or so on this forum who says the same thing, that fiverr closed their account and kept their money but it’s always some scammer with multiple accounts who was violating the terms of service.

Actually, even if you are a person with good ethics its a smart idea to read the ToS to know what’s allowed and what’s not. I didn’t read it when I first joined, and I did things that I didn’t think were wrong but voided the ToS. If I hadn’t of done so, and corrected both my Gigs, and the way I operated I could have seriously put my account in jeopardy.

Reading the ToS is just common sense so you know what to expect.

If Fiverr really did that, do you honestly think this site would still be up? Seriously think about it, this isn’t some Illuminati conspiracy or anything, LOL

Sure it has!
Agreeing to abide by an extensive contract that you haven’t read would be unethical.

Fine, be defensive. I’ll comment wherever I like though. Why would I be unhappy about a post?

Hi dude, any ToS shows lines related to moral behaviours and good sense, am I wrong ? It is not only about buying and selling…

What “git orf mah post”? You’re right, I should stop being reasonable. Stupid questions deserve stupid answers…

Perhaps the best closure for you would be to close your account? This way, you will be cast iron protected against Fiverr’s awful scam? Plus, you know, you don’t want to read the TOS as you magically levitate above the rest of us mere mortals with your ascended master-like ethics.

Or, you know, you got scared of a video from a scammy moron and now you’re wondering if its true so you need closure. Think for yourself! Read the TOS! Compare it with whatever the video said!

@all It was just a simple question to see how inflammable members could be. With one question, I got two answers. Thread closed ! No heart feeling… Cheers

“it was just a simple question to see how inflammable members could be. With one question, I got two answers. Thread closed ! No heart feeling… Cheers”. I don’t recall you knowing me to say such things… If you knew what I do for a living, you will be the first to say “sorry”.

What, are you a lawyer? I’m terrified.

I satisfy desperate women… Are you done with stupid questions ? You want to act stupid, you are unlucky… I am the world’s champion. So, if you want to discuss like an adult, no problem, we can discuss without throwing stones at each other. That’s your call