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Need more closure to this matter

Sure there are usually a few lines that are pretty much just common sense for people with normal moral values.
But then there are also parts that cover financial agreements, how your money is handled, what your financial obligations are + legal issues.
I would say around 70% of the terms focus on things that aren’t just that obvious.

By reading and understanding terms before agreeing to them you are not only respecting the time of all parties involved, you are also protecting yourself.

Personally i often run in to terms that i can not agree too.

Oooh, se*ist, idtic, stud and French.

I thought this thread was closed? Or was that rhetoric, Oh Wise ******i

Ahhh. The classic “It was all a social experiment people!” reply. Used famously by anyone between the ages of 12 - 17 on various different anime forums when it turns out that they’re actually looking like an id**t. Didn’t expect to see it coming back.

Maybe you’ve set the bar too high! Maybe people want to be told if a post is poop. :wink: (Totally kidding here folks, let’s bring some levity to a thread with unecessary tension!)

Several comments by the OP @shyre2kin were intended to provoke, which begins to cross the boundary forum rules. People tend to become more inflamed when pushed. Enough.

Post closed as the OP requested.