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Need more control over Shipping options

I create handmade items that I ship to my customers, but at this rate, I’m going to have to remove any gigs that offer tangible goods because I don’t have enough control over shipping rates.

For starters, there is a cap on how much I can charge for shipping. $8.00 may be plenty to ship many items to many places, but I just paid $15 to ship an item to an international customer. That means I lost money on the transaction, unless the customer decides to leave a “tip” in my tip jar gig. Furthermore, I have no control over international shipping to different locations. While it may cost me $15 to ship a package to Malaysia, it would only cost me $3 to ship the same item to Canada. It isn’t fair to the Canadian customer that I have to charge them the same as a Malaysian customer, and it isn’t fair to the sellers when we are expected to take a loss on an order to more expensive destinations. I can’t charge more for shipping, and I can’t set destination-specific rates. I lose all around.

A simple solution would be to not offer international shipping at all, but I’m not given that option, either. It’s all or nothing–if I’m going to sell within the USA, I have to sell to EVERYBODY. Not only does this complicate things price-wise, but it limits the sort of goods I can sell. Some products are difficult–if not impossible–to ship internationally. While it’s perfectly simple to ship dried mint or chilies within the USA, there tend to be strict rules about shipping produce to other countries. I can’t list items knowing I may have to cancel gigs when international customers try to order them.

That’s my two cents’ worth.

Initially i also planned to make small wooden custom things but In my country the lowest shipping fee for a small local package is 10.30$, shipping to USA for example costs me 47.40$

If 8$ is the limit then its just impossible to sell any goods on fiverr without taking a huge loss on each gig!

And then Fiverr takes 20% of the shipping charges. So you have to inflate the shipping charges in order to avoid a loss on them.

Your post should not be a Suggestion but a Demand.

Ridiculous policy.