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NEED my first order asap

It’s been more than 20 days but still no order. Sent tons of buyer request but no reply. My gigs are getting good views and some clicks. Can someone help me improve, please?


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Aman, do hard work to promote your gigs in social media, when your gig will show on first page you will get order.,.,.,

There’s a lot of competition in that niche, and your gig does not look particularly appealing. You have no reviews, so you must be better than the competition at the same price if you want to start getting clients. If you’re the same or worse, people will buy from the gigs with a lot of reviews instead. Your prices already start at $5, so you can’t compete on price.

Your second image, for example, is quite distorted and low quality. They all seem like pretty basic templates as well - if you made them yourself from scratch, try to make them in a different style to differentiate better.

Improve your portfolio, gig images and description. Make it so good people can’t help but order from you. It’s the only way.

Forget promoting on social media unless you really know what you’re doing. Just posting it all over instagram and facebook is not social media promotion. Spend that time creating better samples to show on the gig, it will give you better results.


i am changing the template
i have already changed description twice which reslted in a little boost in views and impressions
can you advice some good ways to write description of the gig

Just waiting for that day :joy:

You are also offering “unlimited revisions”. Don’t do that, I would never trust a seller that feels so little confidence in his work he must offer unlimited revisions.


but thats what mentors and fiver specialists says that being a beginner you need to give everything that appeals buyer :slightly_frowning_face:

And who are those mentors and specialists? Because I think they are neither. Let me guess, those are the same “mentors and specialists” that say you need to go on buyer requests, share gig on social media and stay online 24/7?

Don’t trust everything you read, the majority of people giving advice have no clue what they’re talking about. “Unlimited revisions” does NOT appeal to good buyers, only to nightmare clients.


can you recommend me some good videos on youtube
because i dont wanna waste my time reading every blog and posts on facebook .

and thanks for these advises man
Really appreciate…

Search the forums. Every time you see somebody giving advice, check their profile and gigs. Are they successful? If not, ignore. If yes, see what they are doing right.

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okay last thing i changed the templates now can you tell if they are appealing?

and also what are some low competition gigs
and how should i improve my gig description skills ( keywords , some catchy lines etc?)

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion.

The images look better, but you shouldn’t be using templates anyway. It’s low value.

Its valid point :+1:

You’re going to have to figure this out on your own. Determine what skills YOU have the ability to provide, research how in-demand those services might be, and then create gigs to offer those services to those who need them. Research and experimentation is part of being a good Fiverr seller.

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