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Need my first order!

How can I get my first order?


Check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


Wait and you share on your gig social media. Stay connected with Fiverr and active in Forum


keep patience for receiving orders.

Staying active on forum won’t help getting any order.

keep patience and get online maximum time.

I just start on fivver, but I saw some people, who start on march 2021, and hace order un queue, and have a lot of roders !! In just some weeks.
what is the secret ?
Share on social ? Have our own blog to promote our service or what ??

i am new seller! how can i get my first order?it 's been a month but still im not getting any order?

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Active on fiverr. And keep patience.

Hi @easmatara1990 ,
To get a first order sometimes become really hard for beginner. But it is not very hard if you do proper marketing. Always try to do social media marketing for your gigs. Try to share your gigs in different kinds of social media to get buyer attraction. You may need to do hard work but trust me it will work !

Me too i dident have any order… Any suggestions ?