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Need native english speaking blog writer

Anyone any experience with a native english speaking blog/article writer based out of the US?
All the writers I hired in the past are not native english speakers. I had to replace words and correct grammar on articles they submitted. Very annoying.

All this post tells me is that you probably hire cheap people and got cheap results. There are native speakers of English outside of the United States, too. I come from England, home of English.

Spend a bit more money and vet your writers better. It’s not rocket science.

^^^She’s a good writer and keeps our attention on the forum every time she posts.
I can vouch for her writing skill. Her posts here are favorites with everyone. There are several excellent writers who post here.

You can usually tell just by a gig description if someone has a false location. If the description looks good, contact them by message and ask a couple of questions. If they’ve hired someone to write the gig description, they will typically have trouble keeping up the pretence in a written conversation.

That said, there are some excellent writers here who aren’t from an English speaking country. The best won’t lie about their locations, though. I also recommend finding sellers through the main page or on the forum instead of using buyer requests. You don’t have to be rich to find a good writer either, but I’ve seen buyers in requests looking for someone to do 20 articles for $5. A seller who will do that is desperate.

I think we should have two Fiverrs, one for native English speakers and the other for the rest. Then everybody will be at peace.