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Need of "Negotiable" option while setting price in Buyer Request section

Hello everyone,
hope you are fine.
Most of the buyers do not completely describe their job in Buyer Request section. So, I used to send them offer for $5 with the following text
"Please do message me before placing order"
to know what the buyer exactly needs before I quote for the job properly.

I rarely cancel orders but this month was a different one. I had to cancel two orders in a week. I got both of the orders through buyer request section. Though, I explicitly requested the buyers to contact me before starting order.
In spite of this, two of the buyers blindly accepted my offer without prior discussion.
One of them wanted me to redesign 45 PowerPoint slides just for $5. Isn’t it a joke? So I had to cancel it. A similar case was there with the second buyer.

So, I think

"We need an option labeled as "Negotiable" while setting a price for a job. This will restrict buyers to contact a seller first, explain what he/she needs and then start an order on mutual agreement. I hope, this will help to reduce order cancellation ratio to some extent.

If you have a better idea than this, kindly share in comments.


I think instead of just allowing sellers to send an offer with pricing right then and there, there could be an option to open up a conversation with the seller to find out all they truly need so us sellers can make a complete proposal with options. We both win that way, no?


Yes, it will work too as it’s a similar solution. :slight_smile:
Thaks for your suggestion…

Let’s hope that the ever-watchful eyes of Fiverr are reading this as it could lead to more orders and fewer problems.

Exactly! I believe it will be really helpful if they implement it.
Hoping for the best…

So right! a ‘Q&A’ section for the details and also tell if the job is taken already.

This is another important aspect. I think, the system should automatically remove a request from buyer section once the buyer accepts someone’s offer.
Also, “Q&A” section would make the things clear.

Even and “offer expiry date”


and even an option to withdraw your offer. :slight_smile:


Yes please. That’s fair.

Let’s see when they implement these…

One of them wanted me to redesign 45 PowerPoint slides just for $5. Isn’t it a joke? So I had to cancel it. A similar case was there with the second buyer.

Until Fiverr implements you suggestion, you can make assumptions and be specific in your offer based on those assumptions. eg. if he said “redesign PowerPoint slides” but didn’t say how many, your offer could have been “I will redesign 5 PowerPoint slides for $5” (or however much you wanted to charge), as well as asking him to contact you so you can give a more specific price based on more info, and you could also specify what your price would be, in the offer text, for other amounts of slides.

Thanks for your suggestion… As a matter of fact, I did ask him to contact me before accepting the offer so that I can get more details. Moreover, I could not even say “I will redesign 5 PowerPoint slides for $5” because he did not attach his ppt with the offer so I could not imagine what kind of ppt he already has and which improvements he is looking for in the new design of his presentation.

Another option is, if you don’t want to specify it like above, is instead of putting the offer price at $5 when you don’t know the required details, put the offer price at $99 or something really high ($999?). If it’s higher than other people’s it will get noticed, and if he reads it he’ll see that you need more details to give a more accurate price, and you will be less likely to get an order straight away (before contact) for something way under-priced. Though I still suggest being as specific in the offer as possible (at least until Fiverr implements your suggestion).

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That seems to be MUCH better option… I will surely implement it until Fiverr implement such changes…
Thank you so much!

So the buyer will get tons of spam messages from unrelated services?

I’m sure Fiverr could find a way to make it so that type of interface could minimize the spam.

Yes. That way is to not let sellers to be able to open any converstion via buyer request section.

Of course, a seller won’t be able to send messages to a buyer until and unless a buyer initiates conversation with the seller. I believe it’s not a difficult aspect to control.