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Need opinions on my video, please

Hello! This is my first post and I need some advice. I created a slideshow video and am wondering which slide makes the most eye-catching poster frame (preview image). I’ve initially set it to the first slide, just a simple gig statement, but I think maybe a different one might be better suited to stop buyers from scrolling and to hit the play button.

I’m partial to the “Get Out” and “I’m Listening” slides (because they are so fun!), but perhaps a statistic? The slideshow is about a minute long…Any advice/opinion is appreciated.

Thank you!


I would not include those. It could be shorter: maybe ten slides in 30 seconds? Nice work anyway!


Every slide is linked to others. It’s hard to pick one that tells your potential buyers about your services. If I had to pick one from them to grab the attention of buyers, I would pick the one with “I have friends who can proofread”. Nice video by the way, it’s very informative.


Welcome to the forum.

I agree with @pacquo

The video comes across as professional and informative yet has the fun factor.

Best wishes for your success. :slightly_smiling_face:


@pacquo Thank you for the advice, I’ll see where I can trim. The writer in me hates to kill my darlings, but I shall cut.


@graphixunlimite Thanks for looking, and I love those egg/friends. I appreciate the opinion!

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@lloydsolutions Thanks for looking and for the opinion, it’s appreciated!