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Need opinions to improve my gigs( edited)

I’m new seller on Fiverr. I hope everyone here is healthy. I have recently created 7 gigs. Please check out my gigs and share your opinion about my gigs.
Gig 1:
Gig 2:
Gig 3:
Gig 4:
Gig 5:
Gig 6:
Gig 7:

Thank you in advance.


Shortened links are not allowed on the forum so you need to edit those (use the little edit pen) and just put the full Fiverr links.


Do gig marketing bro


Link has been edited

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You have got the correct links now.


There’s more than one gig where you’ve highlighted the whole gig description. Doing that is probably a bad idea.

edit: Also where you say “And beware, a simple ‘Hello’ may lead to a life-long professional relationship . :)”, this sentence appears to be copied from the profile/gigs of another seller.


It is a “hilarious” edition mistake :sweat_smile:


Without work sample it will be difficult for any buyer to judge your writing ability. You should add portfolio/work sample with your gig. Also your gig images are plane photoes only. Adding some text on images may catch more attention ? :wink:

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I didn’t look at all of them, but here are some thoughts on a few gigs. Hopefully you’ll be able to apply these to all the rest of them as well.

" I Will Write SEO Optimized Well Researched Articles And Blog Posts": A lot of grammatical issues in the body of the description. Why do you put “highlights” in sarcastic quotes?

You also don’t need to literally highlight the highlights of your service.

" I Will Write 250 To 300 Words Effective Original Articles": Why do you need this as a separate gig if you already have a gig for articles? I feel like you could just put it down as a package in another gig.

" I Will Proofread, Edit And Rewrite Your Novel": You talk about your experience with “corporate clients”, but this is a novel gig. Most of your clients probably won’t be corporate. Talk about your experience with novels instead.

" I Will Be Your Ghost Who Writes Literacy": I don’t understand what this title is supposed to be. Why not just say “I will be your literary ghostwriter”?

You also copied part of your description from here:


Sorry but I totally disagree with you that I copied the " part of the description from there. Because I didn’t. Thanks for your tips. I’ll apply these tips soon. Much appreciated.

Okay. I’ll try to edit them too. Thank you.

I am sorry but that was not a yes or no question for you to agree or disagree on. She just proved that you copied it from elsewhere.

You copied it word for word without missing even a single punctuation mark :roll_eyes:

proof? :arrow_down:



Interesting, very interesting. :thinking:


But I didn’t copy from there. Honestly, I did but from somewhere else. I fixed that now… I have to be more careful from now😅

Or, y’know, just write your own content :slight_smile:

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Okay :blush: I will thank you @somaginer1996