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Need order from buyers

I need reiview for rank my gig


What is the point of this statement?

Also, your profile picture on the forum is of a guy while your profile picture on the platform itself is of a woman. Therefore, a good first step would be to change your profile picture so it represents you and not someone else.


Guys/women offering 100% guaranteed organic followers are often reported.


Based on the above: New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!


Why is your seller profile picture and your forum profile picture different? Also, I believe asking for review to rank your gig is not a great idea. Why not you try to provide better quality product for great reviews?! Well, I checked your gigs, and it seemed like you created a gig that provides same job TWICE maybe??? Either way…I hope you succeed!

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It’s a reliable platform, use real information.

Like seriously?
To get paid Review You wanna Be ranked?

I need Ferrari for my garage