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Need Orders Check My Profile Please

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“Give orders on my gigs people”

You sound quite demanding here…I hope that’s not how you write resumes and articles…:astonished:


zeus777 just give me a order test me i will do it please

This category is where you tell people about your gigs. If you want people to buy your gigs saying "Give orders on my gigs people " will do the opposite and put buyers off. Suggest you make a more “buyer friendly” heading. You could check other headings in this category for ideas as to how to complete this.

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I’m sorry, but just reading that one short sentence makes it clear to me that you are not capable of editing or proofreading. If you are going to sell gigs here, you need to be sure you are good at it.

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i am Not Forcing anybody To Give me Orders Bro and i am Sorry i Just Wrote it To get Orders nothing else More Because i am New thats All

Thanks For Telling me Bro i will Change The Heading

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