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Need Orders Help me

Hi everyone i am always online and i complete all my buyers request everyday but still i am not getting any orders help me please thank you.


I can only say, that if you are “always online” and use some page refresher, you can be banned forever.
Read this forum, make a research - hundreds of peope already asked the same question again and again - just read this forum. But we aware of tips like “be always online”. Read the ToS, than read this forum.


in my opinion, it not possible for any human to be online 24 hours.
as human he/she will must sleep few hours. need sometime for cooking, eating, shopping and meet friends and family members, visit outside,
so it is a big joke who suggest to be online 24 hours. impossible


you can share your gigs in social media


yes…24 hours impossible


I meant that I am usually online all the time because i have holidays i didn’t mean that i use any kind of page refresher and okie thanks for guiding me stay blessed :slight_smile:.


I did that still no luck

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I meant i am usually online when did i say that i am 24 hours online.?? anyways thanks for guiding me stay blessed.

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No need have to stay online 24 hours. Just do your gigs optimization. Hopefully, you will get the order very soon


Okie thank you farzana sis for helping and guiding me stay blessed

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@chraheel sharing your gigs on social media will help increase your gig impression, also perform good on-page seo on your gigs. Lastly, your gig price is also important. Stay Blessed


Maybe this will help:


Hang in there, orders will come soon enough.

Check the buyers’ requests, there are opportunities in there.

My suggestion is to just be careful of what you type, in posting offers to bids, or typing here in forum.
Try to re-read it before posting. Double check if it strikes a proper tone. Being nice builds trust and make you look professional.

Good luck


Okay thanks i will do that thanks for helping me stay blessed

Yeah thanks for guiding me buddy i will focus on all the points you mentioned in your post it really helped me stay blessed

Okay thanks for guiding me my friend i will surely do as you say take care stay blessed

my same problem…

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Yeah don’t know what to do but many people have guided me and helped me you can check the replies above take care stay blessed :slight_smile:


Your mistake seems to be in assuming that there is a simple answer to this.

You are not alone in this as we see (according to Mr Ink - whose link I hope you have read deeply) about 25 of these Q per day in the forum and invariably the person is hoping for an answer that is simple like stay online 24/7 or send more BR whilst reducing your prices.

This is like me saying that if you put a red box in the top right corner of your cover image, you will suddenly get lots of sales. I actually think that or something like went around the internet about 20 years ago. It was hilariously tragic to see.

The good news is that you have realized that these trivial things account for nothing. Good to know, so you can work on things that mean something.

The hard Q come from looking at your gig and looking at the market;

  • not to see if you offer infinite unlimited revisions (because adding infinity to unlimited makes you better right)
  • but to see if what you offer and how you offer it is exactly the same as almost everyone else.
  • You need to be looking for how to stand out.
  • Not with red dots or more ginormous superlatives of revision
  • combined with honey I shrunk the prices.

The only path to finding YOUR customers (as customers of other people are already sorted) is to;

  • Work out what you can do that is different
  • That could be drawing Hitler mustaches on all your drawings
  • recording regional holiday greetings dressed as a purple duck
  • accounting in your underpants
  • bring your comparative understanding of the Torah & Upanishads to making Deceased Pet Birthday Cards

It is only when you have something that is special about you (that 10 thousand other people are not doing exactly like you) that you have any chance of improving the laws of chance in your favor.

As a Mix Engineer the more I am able to express to my audience that I Honor the Story by making the Beauty of the Song Shine, the more work I get. Interestingly so far that is more in Podcasts from doctors & lawyers and videos for a God Rocker, but these are customers who value me for what I do (and they know most others would not do seeing they think mixing is piling up presets from their plugins to deliver another LOUD but emotionally flat song that sinks).



Okay wow i never knew all these things before thank you for giving me a detailed explanation i owe you one it is really helping me i will try to improve myself thanks take care stay blessed :slight_smile: