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Need Orders..... How can i get

My id is about 2 months old. I could’nt find any buyer request or order now a days. What to do?
Help me
Thanking you in anticipation…
Sidra Bashir


Hi there @sidrabashir888, how are you doing?

BR is mostly applied to Level 1 seller, but occasionally you can see them pop up on your screen, just keep an eye out for them. Best of luck !!!

Warmly, Humberto


your need gig marketing and per day 10 buyer request sent

Thanks for your reply,

i have a questions can we pay to get any level on fiverr or not?

Nope, you can’t!!! If Fiverr had this feature I and everybody else, including you would’ve been a TRS right now :rofl::joy:. No you really need to work hard to accomplish your dreams, nothing is for granted… good luck!

Good Morning Sidra, I hope my writing will find you well.
There are obvious rules of platform which every freelancer has to follow in order to stay on fiverr. Rather than wasting time and energy on futile ideas , one should pay attention to improve the gigs comparatively to get better outcome. Thanks
I hope my answer will help you.

i made account on 21 June 2019 till now i got 3 orders and two of them i completed and 1 is remaining…and got 152$ with 3 orders… just one suggestion for you try to update description of the gig, pricing, category and title of your gig that’s it.

Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.