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Need Professional Proofreading for Perfect English ? Here we are

I proofread documents to highlight errors and inconsistencies, and subsequently copyedit the document to improve clarity and content.

Documents can include entire books, chapters from books, articles, leaflets, dissertations, CVs, and application forms. Basically, anything that’s written in English.

I ensure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is correct; check for overall consistency and readability; and tell you where I think you could use a better word/phrase or where you need to add or amend content.

If required, I can also do the following:

Ensure ensuring conformity to any style guide or consistency compared to other documents (for example, a book written by multiple authors).

Compile a contents page, glossary, and author biographies.

Consolidate or remove words to reach a desired word count.

In an hour, I can do a basic proofread of approximately 2000 words, depending on how well written the document is and how much editing needs to be done.