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Need professionals Help

Hello all, Greetings from Atiq. I am new to Fiverr. I opened my account around one-month ago and I am working so hard. I am spending over 18 hours per day on Fiverr. Researching gigs and other necessary things. I am sending buyers proposals too. But till now I didn’t get a single response. What should I do to get attention and be an expert worker?

Any suggestions will be of great help.
Thank You.


Please link your gig so we can see the problem

You need To do Right keyword. Basically new members need some Review to grow up.
You can promote your gig on Social media.

Ok, try adding a video and also the reason you aren’t doing well is because your gig is not on demand, what I mean by that is that your gig is not what the mass majority wants. also try adding keywords to your description. you could also expand to social media

I made my gig after researching 30+ gigs similar to my keyword. And I am still researching about everything. Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, graphic designing(logo creation, photo editing)

Can you please suggest me some most demand topics?
Thank You for your suggestion. I will surely add some keywords in my next gig’s description.

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here ya go :slight_smile:

I can do logo designs and business card designs too. But not so professional. Should I publish any Gig on it ?

Maybe change the “of from” bit of the gig title. Maybe the avg. response time of around 5 days might also be causing less orders/messages.

If you do, just add “in 12 hours” as there will be more of a change to receive orders this way

That 5 days response time happens because of an accident. It was my first message from any buyers. I was so new and didn’t check the message section. I am trying so hard to minimize that response time by being online for 18+ hours a day.

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Oh It’s really unfortunate for you.
I have no suggession for you.
:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

keep going brother. good luck