Need quick advice! Please look


I had a buyer order a gig with the instructions “do it well”. they gave me no script or directions. It is a voice over gig so I have no way to complete it. Should I deliver an empty gig? Or dont deliver and wait for CS to respond to me? The gig is due in 2 hours -__-




do a voice over of “do it well” and deliver…


Lol that could work


I’ve attempted to contact the buyer several times with no response :confused:


That’s happened to me several times, someone orders and never sends in the required info. I submit a mutual cancellation.


Reply to @thevoicemachine: Update? What happened?


@musiclover Still no response from the buyer. Still no response from CS. Didn’t submit a delivered order.


Reply to @thevoicemachine: Wow! That’s weird. This week was the first time CS took days to respond to my ticket. Usually they respond with 24 hours.