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Need quick guide on delivery deadline


Hi everybody

I have received an order (script and video) from a customer. We both agreed that once the script is completed, the script will be shown to the buyer and once the buyers okays the script, then the seller
( I ) will start work on the video.

I wrote the script and submitted to the buyer for approval and any suggestions. The buyer responded that he is on holidays, so when he returns, he will discuss it with the colleagues and will let me know its approval or changes if any.

I expected that the buyer will respond today, but he have not yet. My order is due in next 10 hours.

I have requested for extension in delivery time ( But still the deadline is shown 10 hours)

Should I deliver the order with a random product (video) and send a request saying that "to avoid the deadline I did this, but you do not worry, I will make the video once I receive the approved script from your side)


Should I leave the order as it is (with already sent request for extension) and let the delivery time expire?

@ misscrystal