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Need quick help from seniors sellers - order cancellation

Hi everybody here.

I was given an order 4 days ago to create four videos for a buyer for $60. I made two videos, but the buyer today requested me to cancel the order as he is too much busy. He requested me refund the whole amount of $60 if that is possible. I agreed to all his requests.

Now, One; I am searching for a better way to cancel the order, so that the buyer is happy and I also does’t get negative impact on my account?

Second, which option should I go for. one, should I cancel the order or request the buyer to cancel the order

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I think you should request the buyer. Also as far as I know any cancellation will impact your account whatever from your end or buyers end. Thank you very much.

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Did you give him the two videos? If you did you got scammed.

You shouldn’t cancel the order unless you cannot afford a one star review since you did the job, or half of it and got nothing for it.

Yes, I gave him the two videos. Do you think the buyer is a scam?

Of course it was a scam. Sorry this happened to you. He did that deliberately.

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May be. But for a beginner like me, I think negative rating with single star has more negative consequences than earning $60.

Can you tell, can buyer review or give ratings when his order is cancelled?

Never give the buyer work unless you give it to him all at one time at delivery.

You should have waited until you got all four videos completed and then delivered the order.

He saw he got two videos free so of course he wanted his money back since he got two free videos from you.

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If the order is canceled before you deliver the order no he cannot give a review.

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@misscrystal Thank you so much for your time and kind advice/information. God bless you.

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