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Need recommendation


hello friends,
plz check my gig guys and suggest what i have to edit or change because i am not getting orders.


You don’t have order ?? How did you get 2 reviews ?


Maybe he got the job earlier. But now it seems he can not get it. @datareward :sun_with_face:


not getting that much order


All the best !
I have 32 offer sent to buyers, but yet to get one.


Yes Brother… @pd73220 . I got the point. Please, don’t give up hope. Try heart and soul. Better days will come again. Wish you all the best. :sun_with_face:


bro in 1 year i only get 2 order and with earning of 16$ only
but thanks for motivation


I got something to say that a story. I have a friend. His first year he only got one order. After he pressed buyer request several times a day, He began to create many customer base, and with them came the reviews. Now he don’t check buyer request anymore, customers come to him. But he needed years.

So brother @pd73220 don’t worry. GOOG LUCK!


bro can you tell how to make buyer request


Go to selling section and click buyer request dear.


Well! There is an option “Buyer Requests” under selling option. If you send them request, they may select your gig for giving you an order. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.




Yes, this is the place right here.


but their is noting how i get request


Don’t worry. It is not always available. Every hour you will be there and keep an eye on it.


Just a little tip for those replying to Buyer Requests. Suggest you do not address others as brother, mate, dear, sir, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


@pd73220 Here’s some info. that might be able to help you out with your buyer request offers. Have a look-


Thanks for remembering again. :sun_with_face: