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Need Resolution Center in Fiverr App


I love fiverr android app and its working fine. However, sometimes, I have to handle the order issues using resolution center and thus I can’t manage this in the app.

So, we need resolution center in Fiverr App. Whats your opinion about it?


Why not just use a mobile browser for that?


The browser doesn’t show the Resolution option. But yeah, going in Desktop Mode in browser can help. :smiley:


I can see the Resolution Center in Chrome for Android and Firefox for Android as long as I’m logged into Fiverr. It works fine on my Samsung phone and on my Kindle. I don’t have to use Desktop Mode although I don’t see any reason not to use it if that helps. I just figured it might be easier to use the tool as designed. The app seems to be on the slim side, just for basics. I wouldn’t try to use to to do major tasks like disputes. Just me, though. :slight_smile:


We can use but why can’t we have this option in Mobile app?


I just expressed my opinion on your suggestion. Nothing more.


Why not use the mobile browser for everything, then? Why does Fiverr even have an app? Why does any web platform have an app?


Yes, it will be usefull :slight_smile: