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Need Review of my GIG

Here is my gig’s link. :-

Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well in this Situation…
Can you guys tell me where I need to improve My Gig, coz after creating this gig within 3 days I got my first order but after that I can’t get any order… But I can see that my gig is getting more or less good impression and pretty less clicks .( 2 clicks out 149 impressions last 7 days :sob: ) . So if guys can tell me where can I improve my gig, It’s help me a lot to Grow…

Thank you…


Hey, I would highly recommend you to remove the Gig’s image with passport immediately.

There’s a lot of personal information in it.

I guess this is Live Portfolio staff and you will likely need to turn it off until CS will remove it. You would need to contact CS for that.


Thanks blavaro… Anything Else??

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Yes, here’s my further advices which you may or may not find useful. It’s up to you.

24/7 customer service is needed in hospitals or other emergency situations. Never on Fiverr.

Check out following topic that may bring light to what works and what not.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - real satisfaction can not be guaranteed, this sound like telemarketing trick and unprofessional

Unlimited revision - never ever use these two words in Fiverr world, bigger problems in future if something goes wrong


:rofl: Thank you very much, I exactly feel the same… but after researching most of the seller who are doing awesome right now they have kinda same similarities so I think due to heavy competition I have to do the same… In this price point (5-10 dollars) I don’t think Any one give professional Result with unlimited revision But for the competition I have to this… Btw thanks for the info… I will change it tomorrow…

Thank you…

These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will do industry standard high end portrait skin retouching
In the gig description:
“I will do do industry standard” should be “I will do industry standard”
“Its is my pleasure to” should be “It’s my pleasure to”
“I have vastly knowledge” should be “I have vast knowledge”

Thank you very much… didn’t saw those error.

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