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Need Right Information Please Help me


Hello Fiverr Member,

I want to know One Question
Q# If i exchange gig favorites It will have a bad effect for my account
it’s Legal or NOT?

Thanks For All


Favorite will not help you the people make other fool. Because if you do not have order and favorite it’s looks bad.


Clicking the heart to favorite a gig will not improve your sales. The favorite feature is nothing more than a bookmarking feature, so that buyers who like a gig can find it again later (without having to search through the marketplace to find it).

“Exchanging gig favorites” has absolutely no effect on the success of a gig.


Create a unique GIG do not copy from any where.


It is not illegal so you can but, it will not help very much. Hope I helped :blush:


no, nope!
there are no impact on favoriting any gigs


What’s not illegal? Favoriting other gigs? Or copying other sellers images or text?

No, clicking another gig as a favorite is not illegal, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the success of a gig. And yes, copying other images and text can be illegal – it’s called copyright infringement. Copyright infringement IS illegal. Don’t do it, and don’t encourage others to do it either.


Thanks for all comments


@jonbaas I was referring too having people faviorite your gigs. That is not illegal. Sorry for the confusion


That is like exchange the same coin with someone no one get a profit :wink:


@danukz Exactly! Great way to put it. :smile: