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Need sales and improve my gig

I have created an account in April 2020. and I have a 4 gig about photo editing and business card design. I have already sent 200 buyer requests. But till now I didn’t get any response from any buyer. What can I do to improve myself? How can I sell my gig? Day by day I m going to frustration.


First of all make sure your activity is more than 15/20 hours. Then start sharing your gigs in social media. Also send buyer request everyday.
Hope you will get your first order soon.
Thank you.


Thanks bro! Your tips are very important. I appreciate it.

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will cut out background from 100 images by photoshop
In the gig description:
It contains a URL (shortened link) that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.

The main gig image says “Untill” instead of “Until”.
The 3rd gig image’s pictures seem compressed horitontally.
The standard package description doesn’t say “+PSD” even though the premium package does, but both have the “source file” field checked.
Also it shouldn’t have “# of images” set to “unlimited” in each package if you work on a limited number of images in each one.

Gig: I will do remove background by clipping path and photo retouching
In the gig description:
It contains a URL (shortened link) that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.

In all 3 packages “cliping” could be “clipping”

In the profile, “in 24 houors.” could be changed.

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For Getting Order on Fiverr, you can try these

Stay Active on Fiverr
Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template.
Create attractive thumbnails for your gig
Proper Description of your services.
Share your gig on the social media platform

Good Luck.

Brother I will suggest to create 7 Gig. It will increase chance to get your first order. Take Gig idea from other sellers of your categories. Be active on Fiverr 24/7 if possible or as much as you can. Now a days buyer search by Online Sellers. Also if you be active on Fiverr, your ranking will also increase.