Need Searchable Forum Subjects


I’m sure the things I need to know are discussed somewhere in the Forums area, but after going through dozens of pages of entries, I haven’t found my answers.

I don’t have time to spend another 2 hours looking through thousands of entries.

We need to have a way to easily search through the many entries, to narrow down the results.

For example, this is not what I need at the moment, but I found many entries involving difficulties withdrawing pay due for gigs performed through Fiverr. Entering key words in a search such as “trouble, difficulty, cannot, etc., along with pay, being paid, withdraw, etc.,” should bring up a page with related entries.

For a subject entered this frequently, a Customer Service staff response covering this should be easily searchable in a FAQ area.

I’ve looked repeatedly through the site, and if such a thing is offered, I cannot find it. We need a prominent, easy to find FAQ or Support Search.

For others just as frustrated in finding help as I am, would you please add your two cents here for Fiverr to notice. It will benefit Fiverr in the long run as well as Fiverr Users.