Need seller community suggestion! :D


Hey fellow fiverrians,

I just want to know what you think of my new gig! Do you think it is a good and beautiful service, should I change something? Please leave a comment!


30 seconds long is not long enough. This can cause issues as well (SEO related) and I would make them around a minute each.

Lots of sellers are making several videos and you will find it hard to compete if you are only making one.

On your gig extra I would not let buyers decide the length of the videos, you will get people asking for movies, you can laugh but wait and see. I can guarantee you this.

Regarding the text in the videos. I would add the text yourself, if you are creative enough. Most people are unable to come up with any text for their videos and will look to you for direction on this.

your description is not very clear. you need to make this description as clear and precise as possible so there is no confusion about exactly what people are getting.

There is a grammatical error in the video. it states “I can put as many text as needed” I would correct this and change it to" I can put as much text as needed". This is critical. If people think you cannot spell or speak English they are not going to order videos from you when there are a ton of people offering video gigs on fiverr, including me!


Thank you for sharing your gig with us. The only thing I can see at the moment is you may want to proof read your description. I am not a video expert and so I am sure some of my fellow sellers who know video production will chime in. Good luck with your gig(s)


As markp said, there are a lot of ppl offering the same service as u so u need to promote it much more. Since it is a new gig, u may need this:

My gig is VERY helpful to ALL sellers to BOOST sale, pls check out the link above :slight_smile: would u like to have a banner or a review blog post about ur gig?