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Need shoot product photo for me


Hi, guys

This is ruby from a vaporizer company.
Now we do need some guys to shoot product photo for us.
50 images indoor or outside lifestyle photo will be OK.
No edit! No white background.
My budget is at $50
Please contact me if you can shoot for us. Thank you.



I’ll get right on that as soon as you send me a free vaporizer and new Nikon camera.


This is an odd request. Since you are looking for product photos, will you be supplying the products? Or are you just looking for background pics?

You might want to post under buyer requests.


They will give you a discount code for you to buy the product for free and have them shipped to you. :wink: :wink:


:thinking: :champagne: :gift: :sweat_smile:




Yes, the vaporizer is for free. And I will send you product then.
You just need to shoot for us 50 pictures and upload the photo to me.
Is it OK to you?


Yes, will supply product to you for free.
Just need indoor or outside lifestyle photo,
Can you shoot photo for me?


The product is for free, just need shoot 50 images photo to me, are you interested in us?


Can you shoot for us?


I could, but I don’t think it would be feasible for your company to send the item to my country.

I am really surprised as why you are not hiring a local photographer.

Is the product not in your hand or you are going to ship it from China?


Isn’t 50 pictures of your vaporizer a bit overkill? I’d rather watch a review video telling me about the pros and cons of the machine than a boring 50-pic “lifestyle” video.


a member of your demographic


Where are you located in? Will ship you form LA if you are in US, or ship you from HK if you are not in US


We need lots of photo for promotion. Can you shoot for us?


Wow, you’re really good at listening to a potential customer!


Can you? Let me know ASAP, thank you



This video is a waste of time and money. Go to YouTube, find the main vape review channels, contact them and ask them if they will do a review of your product in exchange for free shit + likely a little $$$. I don’t know what they will ask, but this is their job and they need stuff to review, and you have stuff you need to be reviewed (or “marketed to the consumer”). You will get tens and even hundreds of thousands of views, and if your product is good, you will be right in front of your market.

Your current plan, if you are new company, will get you 25 views unless you also buy a bunch of fake traffic. You are also not reading the responses here, and seemingly just seeking anyone who will do the work, which to me indicates the likely success of this underfunded campaign combined with your video marketing strategy.



And no, I cannot help you, please do not order from me. My cancellation rate has dropped 1% today due to non-readers ordering and having to cancel due to “I can’t read”. What’s another one in this party, you may ask? I find myself asking a similar thing as I suck deeply on one of your competitor’s products and eliquids. Ultimately, there is no point. Only darkness and the universe, possibly hideous long-term effects.


I am not sure if Fiverr is the right place for this. Post your job under “Buyer Requests”. Maybe you will be able to find a photographer


But can you take the photo? :camera:

(he/she is only looking and reading for that answer…) :rolling_eyes: