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Need solution for Scammer and those who ask for job on inbox

What is the initial step for scammers and Fiverr seller those who ask for a job on message

How can I ignore those things because if I will not reply my conversation getting down. Any suggestions, please. Thanks


i also faced these type of scammers who come and ask for job but after i marked them as spam it will not affect my response rate…try this

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just reply them so your response rate cannot effect and them leave it

Fiverr is very active in this regard. I hope this will not be a problem. You just say ‘Hi’ then block.

As coolsunny1 mentioned, you can mark the message as spam and/or block the seller. In one scenario, the system simply reported it when I tried to mark as spam, so it impacted my response rate (they were a slightly more established seller, so I think that might have been why). In this case, you can send a screenshot of the issue to Customer Service, and they will be happy to fix it.


yes I am facing this nowadays too much.

Initial step:

Set up a Quick Response for any scenario that you face often enough to be worth having one, be it scammers, spammers, potential buyers asking for the umpteenth time something that’s bold and highlighted in yellow in your gig description, …

Use the quick response to react quickly while wasting as little as possible time on it.

Next step then depends on what the issue is and how you feel about it, once you’ve used the quick response and don’t need to worry about your response rate any more, report, ignore, follow up, …