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Need some advice about a seller


So, I purchased a gig from a seller and paid extra for 24 hour delivery after confirming that they would be able to do it on time.

Before the 24 hour limit elapsed, the seller marked the gig as delivered with nothing attached, and said “Sorry, please give me more time”.

I honestly don’t require his services (since I needed it within the 24 hours, which has passed), but it seems a little shady that he would mark it as delivered. Does that mean that, if he did complete the order later on and I accepted, I would be out the $5 I paid for 24 hour delivery? What is my best course of action here? I told the seller that I didn’t need the item if he couldn’t deliver in time, but I’m not completely confident that he’s going to be on the up and up.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


I would cancel. Can you just ask Fiverr to reverse it?


That is so sad. Sorry you had to experience that! Not sure why some sellers offer an extra fast option if they can’t handle it. I’d get it refunded and try a more professional seller. If the seller does not offer the refund, then you have to ask customer support. Perhaps confirm with a seller first that they indeed can get your order delivered within 24 hours.


Empty delivery is forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If the seller needs more time, with the latest update, he can use the Resolution Center to ask you to extend the delivery time (this doesn’t mean that you have to accept), so there’s no acceptable excuse for an empty delivery.

After the order is delivered (or “delivered” in your case), you have 3 days to accept it or to request a revision; if you do nothing, the order will be automatically marked as complete.

Since the seller didn’t deliver, you can request a cancellation and get a refund. If that fails for any reason, make screenshots of the empty delivery, send them to Customer Support ( and ask them for help. They will cancel the order for you and refund you (you get the refund as Fiverr credit for future purchases).


If that happened to me as a buyer, and the 24h service was the main, or one of the main points and I had talked to the seller and told them that and they´d confirmed that they could and will deliver within 24h I´d ask for a refund too. If it wasn´t a high sum and if the seller had, from their side, offered me a refund, I might not even make use of it though, but IMO the minimum a seller in such a situation should do, is offer a refund, especially if it was a job that becomes worthless to the buyer because of the delivery past the deadline. It´s called a deadline for a reason after all.

As a seller that´s the reason I usually don´t have the 24h option active on my gigs to be booked directly, but only per custom order, which means a customer who wants it, will have to contact me first, so I can make sure that I´ll only sell a gig with 24h delivery, if I´m able to do it. If I´d accept a 24h delivery but wouldn´t be able to stick to it, I personally would message the customer to tell them I´m sorry and explain the reason I can´t deliver and suggest them to either refund them, or, if the 24h part wasn´t all that important and they´d still be able to use my work when I´d deliver it, to accept a request for extension of delivery time (as to @catwriter 's post).

It´s surely bad business practice to offer 24h service if one can´t handle it (even unfair practice against sellers who can and do, in case one offers it, if one knows or has to take into account that one can´t deliver) and an ‘empty delivery’ is a bad idea as well - if the seller presented you a reason you can sympathize with (fell sick, accident, whatever), or you want to embody the good spirit of Christmas or something :wink: you could make your course of action dependent on how nice or not you want to be, but if it´s as you said, you´re well within your right to ask for a refund obviously.



Cancel the order.

The seller must deliver in 24 hours and when he not deliver in 24 hours he is to late. and he has no rights to $ 5 extra


Hi there!

I would message custom support because this action is a direct violation of Fiverr’s terms of service. If you put in a cancellation request on the order page, the seller is likely to accept it but their actions within the order need to be reported.



Right, this is the standard protocol, hope it works out!

Maybe check the reviews before or message to make sure the seller can at least return a message in 24 hours, let alone an order. :wink:


Just throw the seller a 1 star rating and watch him come begging to you with the work. :smiling_imp: