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Need some advice Am i being ripped off

Someone promised me to get my youtube channel monitized as i am running into issues. They want me to give review and pay before I see results

Can i be scammed? will fivver allow that?

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That person is violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Once you place the order (and yes, you pay when placing the order, but Fiverr holds that money until the order is marked as complete, plus for 2 weeks after that), the seller is only allowed to mark it as delivered after they’ve done all the work.

If you mark the order as completed before the work is actually done, yes. So, don’t do it.


You pay when you place the order so that cannot be avoided if you want the job done. If they mentioned a review they are violating fiverr’s rules since sellers’ can’t mention reviews ever.

Avoid any seller who mentions a review in any way.
Stay with sellers who know the rules and keep to them. This shows they are comfortable with keeping within rules and not trying to get around them.

I’m curious about how someone can promise to get a youtube channel monetized? How would they do this?


This kind of sounds like blackmail! :male_detective: I would contact CS. :policeman:


Yes, contact Fiverr. There is no way a legit seller would ask this.

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can i post their name so you can see for yourself?

They promised because the reason my channel was rejected was false and iw as given a false strike. There is a issue with youtubes algorrythim? The robots that give strikes and decline monitization make a lot of mistakes. But i get the feeling this person is a fraud.

Hey i talked with them and they are okay with me not paying or reviewing till it is done. Do you know how i can extend the time? they marked it as already delivered i got to stop it though.

I have been working on Youtube for 5 years but getting monitized is not the work of an individual and there is one way that the seller can help you to reach 1000 subs plus 4000 hours watch time and on the other hand youtube team will review your application and they will check that your channel is performing under there Community Guidelines. then the will send email usually under 1 month.

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this is not the right way to pay . you should wait and hold the payment until your channel get monitized. @dominopink You should check that is there any community guidelines strike or any copy right strike or any copy right material. if you have any copy right or Guideline strike then they will not monitized you… you should know that your viewers are real and organic. other wise they will not monitized your channel.

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hey there

I have 15000 hours of watchtime and 1100 subs

I told him when it is complete i promise a 50 dollar tip. I am willing to pay a good amount to get help with the monitization because i put a lot of effort into this.

youtube promo maybe i should have hired u lol

i stoppd the delivery for now said it was only partially done

Did you pay for the order on fiverr? How did you stop the delivery? I thought you wanted it delivered?

i didnt accept the delivery because no results how do i cancel? This person is a fraud

anytime i try to contact fivver they never help, anyone know the right person to contac

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Can you share this Fraud name with us? So other members dont get ripped off by him or them.

No she can not. Calling out buyers and sellers is strictly forbidden on the forum.

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Do not complete the order until you see results.
If the delivered the order, Request a revision and keep the order pending.