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Need some advice from high rated sellers

Hello, almost a year ago we, a group of experienced dietitians and nutritionists, started the Fithealth Association; almost a month ago we started fiverr, and almost a day ago we released that we needed help.

Don’t get us wrong, we are having a kind of solid start with 13 orders from wich 12 are reviewed and all of them got 5 stars, however we think that there is room for improvement.

On a couple days we will be promoted to level 1 seller, but we are still wondering if that will really change something; we don’t know if we have to act, change or wait; but we are sure you could help us.

We offer wight loss professional diets for a really low price. 240 diets was what we created so we are sure that it suits any type of body, with each customer we try to demonstrate a massive appreciation and by the convert ratio ,speaking about the number of reviews per order, we think it has given result.

But at the end, the number of orders haven’t suit our expectations. We are sure that there are other good gigs that offer the “same” as we do out there, however we are almost sure that we offer better quality. By this we didn’t meant to insult or offend any other seller, but it’s just a pure sample of our despair.

We are just asking for advice, for tips and tricks. What should we do?

Here we leave you the link of our gig for those who want to help us:

We will gladly recieve any kind of advice, we are new here please help.

Thank all of you

The Fithealth Association