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Need some advice how to improve my gig


Hey there - I will tell you straight off the bat that, while you have a lovely vocal tone, your accent is so thick I can’t make out what you’re saying in your video. I would advise you either to grab a voiceover artist from here on Fiverr or use captions as you’re speaking - your entire message is getting lost here.

I would not offer to “train” anyone in how to edit their site - you’re “muddying the waters” as we say - the service you are selling is a redesign, so sell the redesign. If someone wants training, make them pay extra for it in a separate gig or add-on, and have clear delineations - e.g. “One hour of training for $X”, rather than an open-ended concept that will eat up all of your time and patience.

Ditto with “unlimited” revisions - that’s asking for trouble and difficult clients. Stick to one or two.

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thanks for your says unlimited revision is a bad idea but many competive saller use it.

There are a lot of people that smoke cigarettes too, despite lung cancer being a top cause of mortality. :slight_smile:

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