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Need Some Advice Please Regarding MP4 Formats

Can someone tell me what to do about a buyer from another country that states he cannot open an MP4 file? I have sent files in mp4 format to people all over the world and he claims he cannot open it. Anyone have any advice on this? I believe the issue is on his end regarding the capability of his computer but what do I do? Can someone advise me please?

Ask your buyer what file type he wants and convert it.

If you need help converting it, send it to me and I’ll do it for you. :slight_smile:

Send him to download VLC media player. Every single OS for consumers has a built in MP4 player, unless he is using an extremly outdated version, an enterprise version, or similar. He could be lying to get free work, and might demand a refund since he cannot open it.

Dropbox has a built in web player for files you put on there, which you can share with him.

VLC Media Player can play just about any media file, period.

The download could be corrupted. Try using a secondary service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or some other data sharing software to get it to him. A private Vimeo video could also work.


As bolharr2250 said, VLC should do the trick.

The problem is that MP4, just like MOV is a container and it depends on the codec that is used to render the file into that, if the player the user uses is capable of playing the file. If I for example pre-render a file with Avid DNxHD into a Quitime-file, in order to have it in a editable format it will not play in all players, due to the compression what is used. VLC can handle a ton, there can be differences in contrast of the final product though.

Tell him what error he facing while playing the video