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Need some advice re: selling same content more than once

Hi guys I am looking for some advice.

One of my gigs is about selling Thai phrases with simple phonetic pronunciation guides for travelers to enhance their visit. I sold an article some time ago to a nice buyer who used my work on his website, it is still there as we speak. I now have a buyer asking for very similar work, which means I can simply tweak my old job. However, a plagiarism checker shows 100% plagiarized from his site, which is obviously my original work. The new buyer is amazing and I do not want to scare him away by making him think I have stolen this content, it is original content written by me.

What should I do about this?

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You can Change it a bit

You can’t selling same content.

Really you should probably have put in any restrictions on use in the gig description.

eg. you could have put on the gig description that it’s only for a guide for your holiday and it may not be published (eg. on a website) and that you (the seller) retain the rights to re-sell the guide. And/or you could have said the buyer won’t have exclusive rights to it.

If there were no restrictions at the time of purchase the buyer probably now has full rights to it.

You could/should probably contact CS about it though.

edit: Maybe changing the guide in some way/re-formatting/changing the contents etc. would work for this order (if it would be a new work copyright-wise), as well as putting in the info in the gig description for future orders would help.

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I think the easiest option would be a 100% complete rewrite of the article, however it’s not so easy to rewrite the phonetics of how to pronounce the phrases. I will do my best and hope that it doesn’t show up as plagiarism. I don’t want to prevent people from publishing my work as mostly I sell to website creators. Thanks so much for your comments.

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