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Need some advice 😔

I spent more than 20 days without an order. Everyday I share my link in social media like twitter, Linkedin… My gig impressions, views and click are increaseing but no orders yet. Could anyone please tell me, what is the wrong with my gig. Why i can’t get an order yet :pensive:
Here is my gig :

Perhaps your customers are not located on social media. :wink:

Where do you think you could find the exact people who need your services? Find them, reach out to them, convince them to hire you… and you may likely EARN sales.

Sitting back and expecting things to happen on their own is a terrible business strategy.



Do not lose heart, I was a new seller for 45 days before I got my first order. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you already have sold one gig and received a 5 :star: review so you did better than I did when I was new. :wink:

I have moved your post to “Improve My Gig” where more people will see it and respond to it. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile here is a place or two you may find some help.


Thank you so much! :innocent:

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Thank you so much :innocent::facepunch:

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Jonbass is always real. I like his advise. Thanks jonbass. :heart_eyes:


Hello, i was a new seller for a year, gave up, but came back again a month ago, now i have received buyers and its growing day by day. Be patient

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You’re welcome! …

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