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Need some advice


I’m on fiverr seen 6 months i have complete 30 orders… and i’m on level 1. i some question about, when i complete rest of 20 orders can I make level 2 or… I want to complete 50 order in 2 months…?? can you give some idea of this…??

thank you,



50 orders in 2 consecutive months. Not total.


The Levels page is inaccurate. Fiverr knows but hasn’t fixed it yet. You just have to be a member for at least 2 months, have 50 orders and maintain the other requirements on the Levels page.


Reply to @kay2809: Oh… thnx… :frowning: :frowning: i can’t get order every day… orders come onece a week… :frowning: what to do it…??


Reply to @apsaraaruna: You will get level 2 when you hit 50 even if you are slow to get there. I hit 50 in about 65 days - not 60. My level went up just fine.