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Need some advises!

Hi, Fiverers,

I’m Shen.
So I’ve deleted my previous gig and created a new gig.
Then in about the first 2-3 days, I optimized it as best as I can.
So what I need is,
If you have time,
Can you please visit the gig and look for the rooms to improve.
I mean the problems and new ideas related to overall users experience.

The gig is listed on the 1st 1-2 pages of every keyword I used as tags. (As the targeted keywords have low competition)
Hope you will help me like before.



Here’s a FAQ for you to consider:

What counts as a revision?


Thanks for the advise.
Nice to see that there are still some sellers who wanna help others. :+1:t3:

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You’re welcome. There are a lot of new threads in the Tips for Sellers category since you’ve last been on the forums, most started with intent to help.


Shen, are you male or female? I’m confused, because you’re using a different avatar (female) here on the forums when compared to your gig, which has a male avatar. (If you are transgender and in transition, I apologize if I’ve offended, but the facial structure doesn’t look the same so I don’t believe this is the case.) I only ask because if you’re faking an identity for your account, you’ll likely have your account closed eventually over it.

“Warranty” is something that is typically assigned to a physical product in case of breakage - this isn’t the right use of this word here, considering what you do. It’s generally a poor idea to offer any services, particularly a promise in writing, after a gig is accepted by the client. It allows them to abuse your efforts, and essentially keeps you in permanent limbo. A client that can’t figure out they’re satisfied with a flat, $5 logo is going to be a huge pain in the a** and not something you need to deal with. Have confidence in your abilities, offer a single revision as part of the active gig if you absolutely must, and walk away with your money when the gig is accepted. Ditto with “unlimited revisions” - you’ll see post after post on the forums from Fiverr veterans advising you not to offer that - again, it’s inviting abuse, particularly at such a low price point.

Your bio also needs corrections, there are a number of errors. I’ll take a shot at it for you, as you seem to be a nice person:

Hi there! I’m Shen, a professional, friendly, graphic designer who loves and lives with art. I have just finished my Bachelor’s degree in graphic designing. Currently staying on the elegant island called Ceylon. I will be gladly answering any of your questions. So just CONTACT ME if you have any questions. Make the complex, simple with Shen, One of the best designers o Fiverr.

Hi there! I’m Shen, a professional graphic designer living on the island of Ceylon. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, a reflection of my love for art and creativity, and I can’t wait to use my skills to help your business. I’m ready to work with you to help you bring your brand vision to life with phenomenal logo design - feel free to contact me with any questions about my process, requests for work, and custom offers.


Actually I don’t know either how that’s happened… :sweat_smile:
I have changed the profile logo from the woman’s face into the other.
But the forum’s profile picture hasn’t changed.
Also I don’t know if I can change the forum’s profile image separately.

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So can you remember any related word that fits here?
If so please mention it.
That would be a great help.

Thanks for the advice I will remove it.

Thanks for this very much.

Really appreciate that you have spent a lot of time on identifying and clarifying the mistakes I’ve made.
I’ll fix them out.

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For the profile image, maybe try signing out, then in again. Or clearing cookies.

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Seems like it worked :orange_heart:

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