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Need some assistance

Hello. I am new to this site and haveing trouble with a few things like where do I look for jobs that I would like to apply for in voice overs.

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Same here where would I look for job

First of all make sure you are on the Seller page
Above the page you will see categories as “Dashboard”, “Messages”… Click the “More” and select “Buyer Request”

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Send buyer requests more and more with good content.

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Impressions mean how many people saw your gig on another page somewhere on Fiverr

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Thank you so much friend.

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Yes, i found all irrelevant buyer requests. reason is that when i am trying to make a Programming or IT related Gigs i can’t see salesforce as option to be select to buyers. can you help me out

there is no salesforce option so if i select others, irrelevant buyer requests appears there.

First of all, did you already created a gig?
Your category will be in Programmin&Tech>Support&IT

@adekoyafolahan ind buyer requests under “More” drop down option.

@marionaadames, i had selected programming & tech with others.
but programming&tech > support it also didnt carry any my related options.

I do not really know how to help you in this one, sorry :frowning:

@marionaadames, No worries dear. Thank you so much for efforts.